Green Goblin

Harry Osborn, a.k.a. Green Goblin, is the son of Oscorp founder Norman Osborn, and the leader of the Sinister Six.


Harry Osborn was the son of Oscorp CEO Norman Osborn, and childhood friend of Peter Parker. When he returned to New York, his father died of a genetic disease that made his skin green. Harry, not wanting to suffer the same fate, searched for a cure, eventually discovering a special project being worked on by his father and Richard Parker.

After injecting the irradiated spider venom into his veins, Harry was horribly mutated via a chain reaction, becoming the Green Goblin. He killed Gwen Stacy out of insanity and rage, and later went on to help Gustav Fiers form the Sinister Six.


  • Gustav Fiers - Partner
  • Aleksei Sytsevich - Teammate
  • Quentin Beck - Teammate
  • Sergei Kravinoff - Teammate
  • Adrian Toomes - Teammate
  • Otto Octavius - Teammate
  • Norman Osborn - Father
  • Felicia Hardy - Personal assistant
  • Peter Parker - Former friend, current enemy