New York City, New York,

Three men wearing ski-masks run with jewels, they're at a dead end, a costumed figure in red and blue appears, with thin black webs on the red areas, the mask has 2 eye lenses and on his chest, is a drawing of a spider with its legs outstretched and 11 girls appear behind the figure, the men get ready to fight.

Crook 1: Spider-Man! Get him!

Spider-Man: Really? Didn't your mamas tell you it's not nice to steal?

He throws an attacker at a wall, he punches a guy in the face, he then webs the guy to a pole and the others run away.

Spider-Man: Where do you think you're going?

He webs the second one.

Crook 3: Sorry, every crook for himself.

Girl 1: We can't let them get away, just like we practiced.

Spider-Man: Hey! No fair! Bad guys can't get in cars like that

The seventh Girl, Hope, flew after the crook.

Spider-Man: Thanks.

The police arrive to arrest the men.

Title: Marvel's Spider-Man: The fairy conspiracy

Peter: As swinging through the air as Spidey is fun, but I would rather walk to school.

He sees A slayer

Spider-Man: Hey Buckethead, the spider motif's already taken.

Spencer Smythe: SPider-Man!

Hope takes his attack.

SPider-Man: Hey! I told you to call the cops.