The Amazing Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
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Peter Benjamin Parker, commonly known as Peter Parker, is the main protagonist of the Earth-616 comic book series, entitled: "The Amazing Spider-Man." Confidentially, he is a crimefighter with amazing acrobatics, endurance with quiet weird superhuman abilities. His arch nemesis includes quiet a few honorable names, but the most evil and worthy out of them is the one and only, Norman Osborn.
Information Sheet
Origins: When high school bookworm and nerd Peter Parker gets bitten by a rare radioactive spider, he soon had gained spectacular powers and abilities. Using these new abilities, (enhanced acrobatics and strength and whatsoever, and the abilities of an arachnid) he attains personal vendetta by stalking or beating up the people who had always tackled and assaulted him. But in a turn of events of underground activies, Peter realized that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle had died by a mugger that he could have stopped earlier and so he decides to use this powers for good and becomes Spider-Man!

Amazing Spider-Man; formerly Superior Spider-ManSensational Spider-ManPeter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man,The Spectacular Spider-ManAvenging Spider-ManFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,Super Spider-Man

Occupation: Vigilante, Adventure, Superhero, Crimefighter, freelance photographer at Daily Bugle, freelance S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Spider-Man.