History Edit

Peter Parker of the MCU is one of the 616 Spider-Man's counterparts, He is one of the Parker kids to ever have powers and he has 2 siblings, Bloom and Serafina. He is a 15 year old boy who has the powers of a spider and has the mantle of Spider-Man in his dimension and he's the main protagonist of Spider-Man: Down these mean streets, and he has brown hair and eyes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Wall Crawling Edit

Peter can stick to walls without adhesive gloves

Spider-sense Edit

Peter can detect danger before it detects him.

Hand-to-hand combat Edit

Peter is an excellent combatant, he doesn't know any martial arts moves, but uses his webs instead.

Genius level Intellect Edit

Despite his age, Peter is really intelligent as his sister.

Enhanced reflexes Edit

Peter's reflexes are enhanced to when he could catch something without looking.

Peter's Shocking discovery Edit

When Peter was in a fight with Vulture and Electro, Bloom and Stella got caught in the crossfire, and when Vulture unmasks Spider-Man and throws him at a wall, that made Bloom very mad, and her powers had activated, transforming her into a fairy and Stella did the same thing and they helped Spider-Man defeat the villains, and that led to the formation of the Winx club in the MCU.