Spider Man 2 is a 2013 superhero movie and sequel to Spider Man: The Movie, directed and written by Joss Whedon. The film stars Grant Gustin, Britt Robertson, Nick Robinson, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Keaton and Sally Field . The film could not surpass it's predecessor, but still gained success from viewers.

Synopsis Edit

6 Months after the events of Spider Man: The Movie, Spider Man has become a city-wide hero. However, when a new villain called Venom arrives in the city, Peter faces his greatest challenge yet.

Cast Edit

Grant Gustin as Peter Parker/Spider Man

Britt Robertson as Gwen Stacy

Nick Robinson as Harry Osborn

Josh Hutcherson as Eddie Brock/Venom

Michael Keaton as Norman Osborn

Cillian Murphy as Alistair Smythe

Mark Harmon as Captain George Stacey

Aaron Paul as Max Dillon

Matt Damon as Alex O'Hirn

Helen Mirren as May Parker