Winx Transformation

History Edit

The Winx fairies are some of Spider-Man's allies, and A real wacker is that Bloom is his sister, when some villain used awful music to hypnotize people, it drove Spidey's Spider-sense nuts and then Bloom recognized his voice, but she didn't know that Peter was Spider-Man and she was mad at him, but then he tried to make things right when the Jackal was corrupting fairies in Alfea into the side of evil.Bloom Parker discovered she was a fairy along with her cousin Stella during a fight with Peter and Venom, and then they met 4 other girls like them and fought bad guys together and formed a band together sponsored by Parker Industries, and then they protect the peace and harmony of Earth, supervillains beware, The Winx club fairies are on your tail.

Appearances Edit

The Winx Girls look a lot like humans and when they fight a baddie, that's when they have to transform into their fairy forms, despite the fact that they can be in their fairy form for long periods of time, if they were hit hard enough, they would be forced back into their civilian forms.

Fairy Levels Edit

The Girls have different fairy levels, like Sirenix and Believix, and Enchantix, each fairy level gives the users some abilities, like flight, Fairy dust and shrinking

Meeting Spider-Man Edit

The Girls had to fight Jaquin with a little help from Peter, and then the real shocker when they found out his identity, and Bloom was mad at Peter, but she understood what he said that with great power comes great responsibility and now they're allies, and villains better beware, The Amazing Spider-Man and the Winx Club fairies are a force to be reckoned with.